Collagenil Active Mat Daily Cream 50ml


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Day and night treatment with sebum balancing and moisturizing action

Day and night emulsion with sebum-balancing, mattifying and at the same time moisturizing activity intended for combination or impure skin.

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Apply in the morning and in the evening, after thorough cleansing, until completely absorbed.

Mixed skin shows a T-zone (forehead and nose) with a basically impure, shiny, and oily appearance, while the rest of the face appears normal or dry. In particular, the characteristics of the T zone are linked to various factors, more or less related to age or the environment. A treatment suited to the needs of combination skin must not act as a sebum-reducing agent, that is, it must prevent excessive sebum production from occurring. Instead, it must act as a balancing and opacifying sebum but at the same time it must be able to guarantee the optimal hydration state . Many emulsions indicated for this type of skin, in fact, tend to impoverish it with aggressive active ingredients that are not accompanied by the fundamental moisturizing action.

This double action is guaranteed by the synergy between Sebaryl and Hydrasensil . The first is an active that regulates sebaceous secretion, on the one hand by inhibiting the process of lipogenesis – that is, the formation and synthesis of new lipids – and on the other by preventing the accumulation of fats through so-called lipotropic substances. In this way, it improves the entire structure of combination skin and guarantees a matte effect. Synergistically with it, Hydrasensil confers long-lasting hydration – also essential in cases of mixed skin, to treat mainly dry areas of the face and to contribute to the general well-being of the hydrolipidic film.



SEBARYL® is a biotechnological and botanical complex of natural origin. Amino acids and sulfur have a sebum -regulating function, vitamin B together with caffeine inhibits lipogenesis, horse chestnut and licorice are anti- inflammatory and self-emulsifying excess sebaceous lipids. Finally, zinc gluconate is a sebum regulator. The synergy of all the components make Sebaryl an active bioregulator of sebaceous secretion.

HYDRASENSYL ™ is a complex of substances of natural origin which gives deep long lasting hydration .

Is composed by :

Baobab tree extract , the leaves of which contain polysaccharides that bind and retain water.
Saw palmetto berry extract , with anti-inflammatory and decongestant properties.
Airless bottle of 50 ml.


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