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Promote Cognitive Function

BrainGain® was developed to promote cognitive function, clarity, focus, and mental sharpness*.

BrainGain® is a unique, patented, natural oral dietary supplement in a softgel capsule that may promote harmony in the mind and body. It uses an exclusive combination of ingredients, based on published research.

BrainGain® has been developed to promote mental sharpness and cognitive function.*

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Fortunately, there’s good news when it comes to brain fog!

There may be a solution that is right for you. If you suffer from symptoms of brain fog, consider BrainGain®, a natural, dietary supplement that works to alleviate the symptoms of brain fog. Our supplement is composed of natural ingredients that may promote mental sharpness. No longer will you be living in that haze. Get the energy you need to conquer your day!

The Effects of Brain Fog on Cognition

Do you constantly feel tired? Do you feel like your brain is not as sharp as it used to be? Do you sometimes feel like you are having a hard time understanding something or recalling a memory? Do you have feelings that involve confusion or disorientation? Do you ever just feel slow? If you are experiencing one or more of these symptoms you may have Brain Fog. Brain Fog is not caused by one specific source; it could be a result of a number of things.

Keeping your mind happy and healthy is important in our everyday life. By taking the proper vitamins and taking care of your mind and body, you feel better overall. When you take care of your body and your mind, you may be able to reduce some of the effects of Brain Fog you may be experiencing. It is important to provide your body with the nutrients it needs to thrive and survive. Proper exercise along with a proper diet, supplemented with BrainGain®, may help your body perform to the best of its ability. Get the vitamins and nutrients you need with BrainGain®.


Ingredients – Unique to Algonot’s family of formulations is olive pomace oil and flavonoids.

  • Berberine: May support cognitive and immune function.
  • Biotin: a B-complex vitamin that may support cell growth and proper metabolism of essential fatty acids.
  • Folinic Acid: May support cognitive actions as well as may promote the production of cells.
  • Hydroxytyrosol: Considerable evidence shows it may promote cognitive actions.
  • Luteolin: A bio-flavonoid that contains antioxidant properties and may help with fighting the cell-damaging effects of free radicals.
  • Olive Pomace Oil (Unprocessed, MicroFiltered, Extra Virgin Olive Oil): This oil (a lipid, low in acidity) plays an important role in all Algonot nutraceuticals because it is effective in helping the body to absorb all dry ingredients.
  • Selenium: May support normal development and protection of brain cells.
  • Other ingredients: See supplement facts below.

BrainGain® does not contain any artificial colors, casein, egg or egg by-products, fish or fish by-products, gluten, milk or milk by-products, peanut or peanut by-products, preservatives, shellfish or shellfish by-products, tree nuts, wheat or wheat by-products, soybeans or soy by-products.

All ingredients used by Algonot for manufacturing are chosen carefully for source and purity. Algonot does NOT source from commonly used fava beans or peanut shells that could have adverse effects in people with sensitivities. ALWAYS inquire into the purity and source of ingredients used in your supplements.

Nutritional Information

Supplement Nutritional Value
Dosage Size 1 soft gel capsule
Calories 10^
Fat (Unsaturated^) 1g 1%
Folinic Acid (as Calcium Folinate 280mcg) 476 mcg DFE 119%
Biotin 850 mcg 2833%
Selenium (as Sodium Selenite) 55 mcg 100%
Berberine (as Hydrochloride) 42 mg
Olive Fruit Extract (Hydroxytyrosol 6.7mg) 33.4mg
Luteolin (grapefruit seeds) 125mg


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