Neoretin Discrom Control Serum 30ml


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Highly concentrated day and night serum, quickly absorbed, for intensive skin care with discoloration.
The skin becomes cleaner, brighter, with a uniform texture and color tone, while the appearance of dark spots are reduced.

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The Neoretin Discrom whitening series is based on IFC’s New Patented RetinSprhere® Technology against aging and dark spots.
Its composition contains 6 active ingredients that act on all stages of melanin production and synthesis, ensuring the best possible control of skin color.
The combination of the whitening system with the exfoliating and anti-aging properties of the innovative RetinSphere® Technology, results in skin that is cleaner, brighter, with a uniform texture and color tone, and a visible reduction of dark spots.

RetinSprhere® T. technology is combined with a COMPLETE system of WHITENING ingredients

• 1%RetinSphere® T.
• 12.8% Whitening Booster S.
• 10% Hydration System
• 3% Active ingredients against irritations

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Cantabria Labs, Neoretin


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